DuGut™ Tool Box creates a gamified and engaging journey to aid your social media campaign, and reward your conscious consumers with a real life Sustainable Action.

Gen-Z Believes their generation can change the world... SO DO WE!

For Gen-Z, purpose is key. We truly believe that Gen-Z is going to build the foundation for a whole new world economy where future generations will benefit from a better social system supported by the power of commerce.

This once-in-a-generation chance to build a better future will propel the concept of ‘conscious living’ to the top of everybody’s agenda, with Millennials and Generation Z driving the rally.

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DuGut™ Purpose Toolbox + CMS

DuGut™ is offering a Purpose Toolbox that allows your brand to engage and bind the fast growing and hard to reach group of conscious consumers in a compelling way.

This toolbox contains a series of Gamified Web Apps with a customizable Content Management System (CMS).

With the CMS, your brand can select and change content themselves including: Themes, Levels, Badges, Polls, Games, Videos, Sharing on social media and select Sustainable Actions to reward your users.

How it works

In order to make our content resonate with our young target group, the DuGut Foundation makes use of DuGut developed technology. Our technology currently includes the DUGUT APP ( and DUGUTOPIA (

DuGut App(Mobile First)

In order to lower the entry barrier, DuGut launched its’ first version of their Mobile App as a web app ( With the DuGut App conscious consumers can take real sustainable micro actions, absolutely for free! All they have to do is to engage with a micro action that is sponsored by brands, and they will be rewarded with that action. Your customizable gamified journey will be seamless integrated into the DuGut App.

Call to Action – Drive users to a specified action in relation to the chosen theme(s). We have 6 pre-selected Actions.

Younger generations are hungry for information. They love facts and knowledge. The visuals and the facts are aligned.

Instead of long and boring forms, questions are seamlessly woven through the whole user journey.

Select different games. Playing these games is not just fun, they create awareness and will lead to behavioral change!

Reward users for taking your journey. Rewards are always a Real-Life Sustainable Action.

Get Instant Gratification by allowing your users to select 1 or more Real-Life Actions, they care about.

DuGut App

Metaverse (PC only)

DuGut launched its first version of their Meta-Verse (

Your gamified customizable Journey is seamlessly integrated into this 3D world as well. Ultimately, we are building a virtual world, where, when users build their virtual environment, they re-build the real world. (DUGUTOPIA Will Integrate into Meta)

DUGUTOPIA offers a 2.0 Social Media Experience where users can create, curate and be rewarded for acts of good! This next-gen virtual experience resonate with requirements of the younger target groups. We use blockchain technology including NFTs, to facilitate transparency, security and incentivization in our model.

people clean water for life
meters beach plastic cleaned up
trees planted
total micro-actions taken

Micro Actions

The Online Gaming Industries owes its success to the introduction of Micro-Transactions. The reasons why gamers are driven by microtransactions are embedded in human psychology. The DuGut Purpose Toolbox makes use of the same methodology but bend it to donating to charities. To report the action back to your user/consumer, it’s important that these Charities have a defined metric. (ie. Clean up 1 meter of Ocean Plastic or plant 1 tree) This instant gratification for your user/consumer creates an emotional brand loyalty. By offering “Sustainable Micro Actions as a reward for brand engagement”, we allow conscious consumers to take Real Life Actions with your brand, straight from a smart phone and for free. They will love your Brand for it!

Plant a Tree

Cleanup Plastic Waste

Educate a Kid

Adopt an Animal

Feed a Kid in Need

Access to Water

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